PREMIERA: Urbanator mp3 Michal Urbaniak

PREMIERA: Urbanator mp3 Michal Urbaniak

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Legendarny album Michała Urbaniak "Urbanator I" w formacie mp3!

"Michal Urbaniak have really came up with something great on this album. I believe that Jazz Music Has found another workable rhythm that does not take away from the improvisational aspect or the partnership that rhythm and melody must have in order to work.

Many musicians are finding it more comfortable to work with today’s “Jazz with HipHop” format. There is a “freshness” to be found in every one these tracks, witch Urbanator has given new life. What am I’m saying is evident in the track “Chameleon”, which features none other than Magnificent Herbie Hancock

Urbanator to:
Michał Urbaniak - skrzypce i saksofon
Lenny White - perkusja
Al MacDowell - gitara basowa
Jon Dryden - keyboard

Chameleon 5:24
Hopscotch 5:05
Cats 4:58
Hot Jazz Biscuits 4:40
Watermelon Man 6:22
First Flight 4:16
Here I Go Again 4:32
Sack O' Woe 6:54
For My Mother 4:52
Square Park Sunday 4:25