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Michal Urbaniak

Jazz Legends, Vol. 2: Friday Night at the Village Vanguard (vinyl)

Jazz Legends, Vol. 2: Friday Night at the Village Vanguard (vinyl)

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Jazz Legends, Vol. 2: Live at The Village Vanguard is here! It is also a limited edition vinyl - each is numbered from 1 to 500. The art of Jazz Violin!

Every now and then an artist has a chance to fulfill his dreams, and this is the real motivation and driving force behind most of his activity. I have a lot of dreams realized and fulfilled in my jazz artist career and life. This record is one of the most important ones because it documents the live session at the legendary place for playing jazz in New York City. Playing at the Village Vanguard was and is a dream of most of the jazz musicians in the world. I‘m very grateful for those opportunities to perform quite often In this legendary place and to have these live recordings from some of those performances. 

Band: Michal Urbaniak - violin Ron Carter - double bass Mike Gerber - piano Lenny White - drums

Side A
01. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - 7:26
02. A Child Is Born - 7:05
03. Cafe Mirage - 7:49

Side B:
01. In Your Own Sweet Way - 12:21
02. Sister Sadie - 9:04

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