I Jazz Love You mp3

I Jazz Love You mp3

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Michal Urbaniak album "I Jazz Love You" is the artist's beloved album. It presents the famous voice of talking violins, which M. Davis liked so much, which resulted in a joint recording session for the album TUTU. The acoustic panel contains melodious songs that form a coherent composition. The recordings, in which leading American musicians performed, were made in New York in 2002 and 2003.

Urbaniak invited to the cooperation a good company:
piano - Mike Gerber, Horace Parlan, Kenny Barron,
bass - Ron Carter, Kenny Davis
and drums - Lenny White, Roy Haynes.

The album "I Jazz Love You" reflects the idea that Urbaniak heard many times in different parts of the world: "I do not know jazz, but I love what he does."

1. I Just Love You
2. Pinky
3. Bird
4. My Heart
5. Sweet Time
6. Back Where We Going
7. Kind of Love
8. Romance
9. Spirit
10. Mean and Mine
11. Let's Do It.