Collection: UrbSamples

For years, Michał Urbaniak's music has been SAMPLED and used to create new works and many MUSIC HITS!

Michał's music was used, among others, by:
Tribe Called Quest, Jay Cole, Co.Lega, OSTR, Belmondawg, MadLib, Tyler the Creator and many more!

Do you want to create music based on Michał Urbaniak's samples? It's not that easy as there are many legal issues along the way, but we have prepared 2 paths to make it easier for you.

Path No. 1
You can buy a sample pack, which you have the right to use commercially after purchase.

Soon we will add a link below where you can buy and download violin samples:

Path No. 2
If you have an idea to sample Michał Urbaniak's song and want to find out about the conditions, please contact Sony Music Publishing directly: 

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