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Michal Urbaniak

Atma (CD)

Atma (CD)

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The legendary album of Michał Urbaniak "Atma" is an extraordinary fusion of modern electronic jazz, swinging rhythms of the Latin bossa nova and traditional Polish folklore, later sampled by such hip-hop giants as Beastie Boys, Common or Madlib.

Michał Urbaniak, virtuoso of the violin and saxophone, along with Urszula Dudziak and a great band, managed to get to the top of the European jazz scene with their music and to get interested in record labels in the USA. The prices of the original, long-inaccessible vinyl LP from 1974 reach dizzying prices at auctions, for many listeners over the years, excellent music from "Atma" remained unavailable and unknown.

We recommend the album to both fans of electric jazz and catchy melodies, as well as DJs and producers.

1. Mazurka
2. Butterfly
3. Largo
4. Ilex
5. New York Batsa
6. Kama (Part I)
7. Kama (Part II)
8. Atma: Yesterday
9. Atma: Today
10. Atma: Tomorrow

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