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Co.Lega - Abstract (vinyl)

Co.Lega - Abstract (vinyl)

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A multidimensional project, backed by the producer Co.Lega. It was he who combined jazz sounds and created samples that we hear on the album. He added a moody chillout and the sensual vocals of Silke, who sings Co.Lega's poetry. Each of the tracks is a question about the modern world. Will a bionic heart help us love what we don't accept? How do we feel the Absence of Doubts if we simply don't have any? Both music and doubts are felt in the body, but what does Computer Boy feel, who has reduced his senses to interfacing with a monitor? This international mix of creators, themes, and questions from which this album was born would not be complete without the jazz sound, that is, samples from Urbanator's work. Michal Urbaniak, the creator of fusion who pioneeringly combined genres and creators, was a great inspiration for creating this album, which is why the chosen title has two meanings: the first is abstraction, in which the listener must search for important meanings for themselves through their own experiences, and the second is abstract, that is, a summary/retrospective through Michal's work, aka Urbzz, hence the name Co.Lega infused by Urbzz.

Side A

Lay my love on everything [4:28]

Will you answer my questions [5:19] 

Urbanator the computer boy [4:35]

Side B

Love symphony [4:51] 

Incredible sounds, now! [4:35] 

Surrounded by fairies [4:40] 


"Lay my love on everything"

All songs on this album are derivative works created by Co.Lega, featuring samples of music composed by Michal Urbaniak.

Mixed by Mr. Ho, L.A.

Produced by Co.Lega and Mr. Ho.

Executive producer Lechosław R. Gawroński.

Vocals by Silke, Rome.

Mastering by Fred Miller, Copenhagen.

(c) 2023 UBXMusic Inc. NYC

(p) 2023 Sony Music Publishing




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