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Michal Urbaniak

Fusion III (vinyl)

Fusion III (vinyl)

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"Vinyl Fusion III in a limited edition!
Only 500 pieces. Each record has its own individual number (from 1 to 500).

Vinyl reedition of legendary Michal Urbaniak’s album. Recorded in New York in 1975, published by Columbia Records. It’s one of the most important album from Michal’s over 60 albums legacy. It started his big American career, brought him a lot of popularity and placed him in the jazz and rhythmic music hall of fame. American audience felt in love with this inspiring, folklore fusion music. Fusion projects not only started Michal’s series of successes but also ignited many debuts of great musicians as Marcus Miller, Victor Bailey, and Kenny Kirkland. Fusion III contains the most popular tracks from the whole fusion music series which are enhanced by irregular rhythmic and electric sound.

Fusion III Tracklist:

Side A
01. Chinatown (Part I)
02. Kuyaviak Goes Funky0
03. Roksana
04. Crazy Kid
05. Prehistoric Bird

Side B
01. Bloody Kishka
02. Cameo
03. Stretch
04. Metroliner
05. Chinatown (Part II)  

Fusion III Artist list:

Michal Urbaniak - electric violin, violin,  synthesizer
Urszula Dudziak - voice, percussion, electronic percussion
Wlodek Gulgowski - electric piano, Moog, and electric organ
Anthony Jackson - bass guitar
Gerald Brown - drums
Steve Gadd - drums
Larry Coryell - guitar
John Abercrombie - guitar
Joe Caro - guitar
Bernard Kafka - voice

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