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Michal Urbaniak

Sax Love, Vol. 1 (vinyl)

Sax Love, Vol. 1 (vinyl)

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"Sax Love " - an album that is a gift of Michał Urbaniak for all those in love. Album with this material in a millionth edition was released 19 years ago together with Gazeta Wyborcza. Fans of Urbaniak's music wrote e-mails and letters . They thanked for the album and told how their feelings flourished with this music. They also asked when the CD could be bought in the store. Now we offer you a vinyl edition with the bonus song "The Look of Love". All other, beautiful and atmospheric compositions are by Michał, who 'charms' on his beloved tenor saxophone. Urbaniak - "New Yorker by choice" constantly draws inspiration for his compositions in NY and as he says: "New York often writes and plays for me".

Love Away: Fan comments 
"Mr. Michał, we loved each other yesterday listening to this album".
"This is an actual gem".
"Wow Urbaniak is really one of my favorite artists ever".
"For such great music, I have no words, just listen".


Side A:
1. Love Away - 5:25
2. Moonlight - 5:36
3. Horny - 5:19
4. The Look of Love - 4:19 [BONUS TRACK]

Side B: 
1. Sunshine - 4:53
2. Ptak - 2:38
3. I Just Love You - 5:37
4. Moon Love - 5:33 

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