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Serenade for the City (WAV)

Serenade for the City (WAV)

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Free digital download WAV of "Serenade for the City" with vinyl

"Serenade For The City" - a re-released album, recorded for the famous Motown Records label in 1980. The album was a harbinger of smooth jazz in New York. 

The recordings, along with Michał Urbaniak,
were made by outstanding musicians, among others:
- Marcus Miller,
- Kenny Kirkland,
- Barry Eastmond,
- Doc Powell,
- Buddy Williams,
- Yogi Horton
- and Urszula Dudziak as a guest.


  1. Bad Times 
  2. Circular Road 
  3. Nanava
  4. Sometimes
  5. Serenade for the City 
  6. Mika
  7. Fall
  8. Kasia Joy 
  9. Vanessa 
  10. North One
  11. French Kiss 
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